"Accurate Contractor Services has been providing roofing and general contracting services to my clients for over 10 years now. They have helped a lot of my clients through difficult claims. Accurate Contractor Services has never let me or one of my clients down."

Brian Ownby, State Farm Agent, Grand Prairie, TX

"Accurate Contractors provided step by step details as we build an addition onto our house. When you have people come into your home to remodel, you need to have a contractor you can trust and can depend on and Accurate Contractors were great. They took our vision of the remodel and made it come to life. Great Company!"

Gus and Becky Garza, Duncanville, Texas

"We hired Accurate Contractor Services to do the roof on our two 10,000sq. foot Assisted Living Centers in Duncanville TX. From the time we met Mr. Lamon we were treated like friends and he went above and beyond to get in and to get the job done completely and professionally in a timely manner. He and his crew were great to work with and did an excellent job. We couldn't be more happy with the roof they provided us. It looks great and the price was right too! We hope to use Accurate Contractor Services for all of our roofing needs in the future."

Dallen Skelley, Mariposa Builders Construction Company, Causey, New Mexico

“I was very pleased with the work by Accurate Contractor Services on our new roof and facade. They were able to do all of the work and we didn’t have to use two contractors for the work. They saved us money from our other separate bids and they completed the work in a timely manner. I would highly recommend them to you for your building needs.”

Steve Martin, President/CEO, Duncanville Chamber of Commerce

I'm Veronica Escobedo, As a business owner quality and integrity are very important. That's why I've personally used Accurate Contractors service And recommend them to my customers.

Veronica’s Marble Design Inc., Mansfield, Texas

"I hired Tom Lamon of Accurate Contractor Services for a bathroom remodel project in a house in East Dallas, and couldn’t have been more pleased with his timeliness, attention to detail, and the overall quality and appearance of the finished work product. Before calling Tom, I’d spoken with a number of other contractors who’d insisted on demo’ing everything and then spending twice what I’d budgeted for the Project to give me a modern, contemporary bathroom, when that wasn’t consistent with my overall vision for the Project… Tom, on the other hand, understood and appreciated my overall vision, and then worked hard to make sure that everything he did was consistent with or enhanced that vision, and that it was done in a timely manner and within budget. I couldn’t have asked for more…"

Mark Lish, Lish Law Firm, LLP, Duncanville, Texas

Josh McCarty, ABC Supply Dallas Manager, Dallas, Texas

"ABC Supply Company- Dallas, Texas has enjoyed a strong business relationship with Accurate Contractor Services-Tom Lamon for many years. They have been a pleasure to conduct business with and we look forward to enjoying their business for many more years. They are currently in good standing and have always taken their credit with us very seriously. They have always followed up with their commitments and have been punctual as well. Once again, I look forward to continuing the business relationship ABC Supply has forged with Accurate Contractor Services- Tom Lamon."

Paul J. Verheyden, Architect

"I am very excited to have the opportunity to recommend Accurate Contractor Service (ACS) for their excellent work. I worked with them on 2 construction projects: a house addition and a restaurant renovation for which I produced the construction documents. The house renovation involved new structural foundation and all other trades including concrete, wood framing, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, all floor, ceiling & wall finishes, windows, doors, etc. They managed all the work and provided material and system selection by the owner and completed the job beautifully. The restaurant renovation project in particular was damaged by fire. It had been sitting unattended for months and the owner was frustrated with other contractors and consultants not knowing the best way to go about restoring the space to functional operations. ACS helped to get structural steel and concrete testing done on the damaged structural materials and met with subcontractors to determine repair, clean up and restoration and managed the completion of the work in just a few days. The owner and I were impressed and elated with ACS's performance. They also got all the necessary permits before and approvals after the work was done. ACS really takes responsibility for their projects as if they are their own. They know what steps to take to get the job done. They know the right materials to use and the right workmanship to install them. Each project had unique elements where the ACS has to communicate with me and engineers and building officials to make sure everything was done correctly before and after the construction. Their leadership abilities and do-whatever-it-takes attitude made these projects successful. Both of the owners were very pleased with the results that ACS achieved. ACS makes professionals like me look really good, because we can proudly show off the end product. They make sure the workmanship of each phase of each project from site work to structural to the finishes all over are completed to perfection. I was so impressed with the results of their work on these 2 projects that I use them as select examples of my work in my list of projects. ACS knows how to work with building officials subcontractors and consultants to get the job done and completed within scope, budget and schedule. I am proud to reccomend ACS in the construction services field. I would highly suggest that you use them for your next project.